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Hearts for Hearing has set a goal for 2018 to screen 1,500 Oklahoman adults for hearing loss.

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50% off Waterproof Ear Plugs – Limited Time Only

Whether you’re a competitive diver or a casual swimmer, anyone and everyone can benefit from wearing waterproof earplugs while swimming and for a limited time only, we are offering customized swim earplugs for half off! Wearing earplugs designed for the water can help prevent:

– Prevents water from entering into the auditory canal

– Prevents earaches

– Protect your ears from infections and irritations

– Enables you to enjoy swimming even if you suffer from a perforated eardrum or PE tubes

Some people are more prone to ear infections than others and must wear earplugs almost anytime they go into the water to avoid a new infection. Other swimmers simply enjoy not having to worry about water getting in their ears while they compete or are having fun on water slides. Whether you have chronic ear problems and need earplugs for the shower or hot tub, or you’re a swimmer who’s in and out of the water all day, Hearts for Hearing has the earplugs that are customized for your very own ears that offer complete sealing, even for customers with ear tubes and pierced eardrums.

Call today to schedule your appointment and mention this offer to save! Must schedule an appointment before June 30, 2018.


Do you have hearing aids but don’t use them?
Do you have trouble understanding speech in restaurants and crowds?
Do your hearing aids whistle?
Do you have trouble understanding on the phone?

Introducing “smart” hearing aids. We were impressed with the rich, clear sound the technology provided. We’re not alone on that either, as these hearing aids were top-rated for sound quality in a recent study. You may have even heard about these “smart” hearing aids on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and even The Tonight Show where they were excitedly talking about the fact that they also connect to smartphones and other audio devices, so you can hear phone calls, TV audio, or even music directly in your ears.

For a limited time only, Hearts for Hearing will be accepting Trade-Ins to upgrade into this new and exciting technology. Devices are tax deductible when donated to our Hearing Angel Program, which helps people in need hear again. Any new purchase can be applied to your itemized medical expenses on your taxes as well.

Trade in your old hearing aids today and receive a free accessory (up to $600 value).


Receive free hearing aid batteries when you leave a review of your hearing aids on Hearing Tracker! You’ll also be asked to complete a short review about your Hearts for Hearing provider. Please let us know how we did!

Your hearing matters to us at Hearts for Hearing!

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